InstaTrip Pt. 2 – Explorers

So basically, I had this idea to document a rare phenomenon of when the seashore departs and uncovers an interesting view all around the Latvian seashore. It last happened in 1986. The destination of the trip was the farthest northern point of Kurzeme – Kolka (region of Latvia) where this phenomenon is easiest to see. Kolka is a special place because it’s a meeting point of two seas that never mix – Gulf of Riga and Baltic sea.

Despite having little hope of success, I invited people on Facebook to join me on a trip and in just a few minutes we formed a group of four people – enough to fit in a car. We were ready for the next Instagram trip!

The red circle marks our destination – Kolka.

On our way to the Kolka we stopped at a few random places to expand our adventure – sea shores, nature trails and even a local shop to buy some junk food. Our route led mostly near the coast. Check out the map – from Riga to Kolka – the coast was near us almost all the time. Well, not that random after all. I took a lot of pictures and even shot a short video, which is now up on my Youtube channel – video here. The trip went great!

To find out more read captions under the pictures below!

“Plienciems shore”

This is actually the place that we visited with the team of the previous Instagram trip. The last destination was at the “Dieniņas” holding. Check out the first “Instagram trip” post.

“Bērzciems shore”

“Mērsrags shore”

“Ģipka nature trail”

“Ēvažu steep”

“Kolka shore/ horn”

“Peldangas caves”


Thanks to Karolina for editing

All photos are taken by me


6 thoughts on “InstaTrip Pt. 2 – Explorers

  1. I had no idea you were either from Latvia or just traveling there. I am originally from Latvia. I’ve been in Canada since 2003. Relocated after a trip when I just wanted to spend my summer vacation here.
    That is a beautiful stretch along the seaside, we’ve been there for multiple times. I didn’t know it still looked like that because I rarely go to Latvia, like once a year or even less frequently, although all my family except husband is over there.
    Interesting, indeed.


    1. Oh, interesting story you have got. I have never been in Canada but I would definitely love to visit someday.

      And yes, the trip destinations were really well chosen. Home is home, I love nature in Latvia. You probably know the feeling too.


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