Conversation Festival LAMPA

Volunteer: Back in 2016 I started off as a simple volunteer with simple duties. But this position served me as a launchpad for more opportunities.

Coordinator: After proving myself as a trusting and ambitious person, I stepped up as a coordinator where I led a team of three volunteers. Together, with me as a front-man, we managed one of the biggest stages in 2017 which was the “Latvian Radio” stage. And not only that, the LAMPA team trusted me enough to allow me to manage all the other small tents because one of the coordinators couldn’t come that year after all.

Technical team (core team): In 2018 I was promoted to a technical team member who works in a close relationship with coordinators and the core team itself.

What’s next for me?

After going through all the possible steps in the LAMPA team hierarchy, I’m now looking for opportunities to becoming a speaker within the festival – to share my experience and knowledge with others.

WWF Latvia (Pasaules Dabas Fonds)

In a close relationship with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature Latvia, I have had an opportunity to participate in a few amazing projects in Estonia and other projects in Latvia.

The projects and my experience are described in detail within my blog category “Environmental protection“.

Digital Freedom Festival

After proving myself as a great team player within the Conversation festival LAMPA, the Digital Freedom Festival team offered me an opportunity to become their coordinator for the Main Stage in 2017.

In 2018 I was promoted to a manager of all the speaker presentations. Mainly, responsible for the Main Stage.

After volunteering for the DFF festival 2017, it sparked a wonderful relationship with the whole team. Also, after the first festival, I started to freelance for DFF and Lejiņa & Šleiers. More about my freelance experience read – here.

The Riga Conference

In 2017 I participated in The Riga Conference and quickly gained the teams trust. I was selected as a front-man within the technical team and worked closely with the technical team supervisor and other members.

Positivus Festival

Technical team member of the Positivus Festival 2019. Various tasks regarding technical issues, organisation and management.