Continuously working to improve my abilities in English to bring the best I can offer. My writing experience in English comes from vigorous practices by my self regarding my blog and also freelance experience with Digital Freedom Festival and Lejiņa & Šleiers. More about writing – here.

During my studies in Riga Technical University, I got well acquainted with technical English.


One of my hobbies include acting. So far I have participated in two movies as a background/ support actor. Those two movies are:

Paradīze 89 (Paradise 89)

Dvēseļu putenis (Blizzard of Souls)


Running is also amongst my hobbies. Over the years I have participated in several 10 km distances, few 21 km distances and other.

Even though I have only participation medals, they represent my strong will and dedication to finish what I have started.

Noteworthy to mention is that that one medal amongst the others is from a year when I played floorball in a professional team (2007) and we won the second place nationwide (right hand side).