My journey into photography had a humble beginnings which were possible by the advent of amazing quality phone cameras. It all started as early as 2013 but my first professional DSLR camera was purchased only in 2018 (Canon 5D mk1 50mm lense).

I still have saved my first few photos which changed the way I perceive photographing as such. Taken by a budget phone with a 13 mp camera in 2013.

Instagram & Collaborations

Eventually, I started to upload my photos on Instagram. Over time I amassed over 4k followers on my main account Artcervus. And more than 1k on my second account Artursbridaks which both have a different style.

My work got noticed by various travel agencies. Most noticeably by LIAA, Daugava Travel, Vidzeme Travel and Purvu Bridēji.

I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most popular travel agencies from Latvia and the stories are described in great detail within my blog series – InstaTrips.

Stock Photography

Apart from social media, I have also tried stock photography with not so shabby results at the moment. With only 100 photo uploads on Shutterstock (my portfolio), I have already sold several photos.