Hey! I’m glad you are here.

I’m an adventurous 25 years old Latvian. Even though I have a master degree in electrical engineering, I have always been really passionate about nature, hiking, and the environment. I enjoy long rides with a bicycle and long walks through the forest while photographing the wonders of nature.

I love photographing and I hope that you will enjoy my photos throughout the blog. Also, I must mention my successful collaboration with World Wildlife Fund for nature Latvia. You can find a few interesting projects with them on my blog.

During my studies, I tried to fuse the passion for the environment and electrical engineering together.  And actually did it successfully. I wrote my bachelor thesis, engineering project and master thesis about renewable energy and solar energy paying a close attention to solar panels.

At the moment I’m passionate about the start-up scene, green innovations, and renewable energy. Above all – enjoying life and creating content.