InstaTrip Pt.5 – Industrial heritage

This trip was more challenging than others because of the locations the organizers chose for us. How we handled the challenge, take a look at the pictures below.


Soon I’m going to lose count of the InstaTrips I have attended. Okay, it’s not so bad. But indeed, these are super entertaining. A chance to meet like-minded people who are as equally interested in photography as you are (maybe even more than you are). But that is what makes us different – we take that extra step to create the content.

Since Latvia is a pretty small country, the photographer community can get as big as you can imagine. And an Instagram photographer community… well, you guessed it. When I met the group in the morning, I realized that I have met one half of them before and the other half were my Instagram colleagues of whom I was aware of.

First stop – Pigeon railway

The trip was only one full day long and the first stop in the morning was Pigeon railway – peat museum railway in Baloži. I won’t repeat the railway history here – definitely take a look at their homepage to read more in-depth – here.

As soon as we met our guide for the day (one of the enthusiasts who make it all happen), I quickly understood how much work goes into the making and to make sure that the railway is interesting not only for the enthusiasts themselves but also to the general public. We had a chance to take a ride on the train. You can see the pictures below. One of the main goals for them is to attract tourists. And our duty as photographers was to create photos of the railway which could possibly attract tourists and generate further interest.

Second stop – Olaine bunker

Would you like to try on a full set of old school biohazard suit and feel a little bit of adrenalin rush while sirens are going off in the bunker? If I got you interested, take a look at the homepage and their offers – here.

We went downstairs to a dark bunker. They warned us beforehand that it could be cold for us inside. Maybe it’s just me, but I felt pretty comfortable (probably because It’s summer). There were the main hall and several smaller rooms. Some of them only had beds, some had chairs and something that looked like an army equipment.

I found a little bit challenging to capture photos in those dark circumstances because usually, I photograph nature and plants. But still, I managed to capture some interesting objects. Take a look at my photos and my colleague photos below.

All in all, this was a great opportunity to test what I am capable of even in the environment which I find challenging. The InstaTrip concept makes you enjoy the photography community even more. It’s a great way to improve your skills whilst having a great time with your contemporaries.


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