I hosted a hiking event

I have joined many hiking groups before, but this was my first time hosting one.
It all started with an innocent Instagram story post where I invited people to join me on a hiking adventure. It took me by a surprise how many people applied.


Hey! It’s 2018 and this is my first post. No, we can’t continue like this. Promise to myself – I will post more this year. Meanwhile, follow me on social media – IG, Twitter, FB etc.
Have a good year!


Inspired by a friend Kristaps from “Purvu bridēji” (or in English “Bog waders”) and “Trekking.lv“, I made a Facebook event and invited all the participants over there. The approximate number of participants were from 10-15. As we all know, right before the event few people always refuse to participate, so we ended up with 9 participants (including me). The hiking trail I chose was alongside river Brasla because I have been there before (and wrote a blog post about it) and It’s pretty close to my hometown.

How it all went

The trail was surprisingly hard. Harder than I expected it to be. Probably because of the snow. It was harder to see the trail and figure out the best route since there is no exact one to take. We moved so slow we had to turn around at one point because we weren’t able to complete the whole planned route before it gets dark outside. Before we turned around, we took a little break and had a picnic at the top of a cliff. In total, we hiked around 10 km instead of approximately 18 km as it was planned. Not bad at all. I hope all the participants enjoyed the day.

I tried to plan out everything but few things did slip through my mind. Also, we were forced to start late because one half of the group couldn’t make it earlier. But I suppose it’s a part of the process – do, learn, repeat. Few participants gave me some useful feedback which I definitely will take into account the next time. And yes, I’m already planning the next group hiking event. Looking forward to the future events.

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All pictures below are taken by me


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