Saulkrasti White Dune Conservation

During the #EUGreenWeek European countries participate in the project (find out more), also we – Latvians had something in mind. The Nature Conservation Agency (Latvian – Dabas aizsardzības pārvalde) partnering with World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF Latvia or Pasaules Dabas Fonds) did an interesting project for Saulkrasti White Dune conservation. Find out more below.


This time I participated as a volunteer leader. Meaning that I had to take an eye on the workflow and answer to all the questions about the work. My supervisor was a project manager of the WWF Latvia. She usually is the one doing things I did this time. I was excited about the opportunity.

All the organisers. From the left – Elīna Kolāte (Baltic sea and freshwater program manager – WWF Latvia), Rita Arāja (Environmental Protection Agency Latvia), Kristīne Skrīvele (Project Manager – WWF Latvia), – – (Environmental Protection Agency Latvia), Artūrs Brīdaks (Volunteer Leader – WWF Latvia). Source


Our primary goal was to preserve the Saulkrasti White Dune. And it was executed by making a fence. It was handmade from sticks and branches.


By making these fences, we are hoping that people wouldn’t want to walk over the fence on hot summer days to take cover from the sun. Most likely not on purpose, but that way they are ruining the vulnerable White Dune.

We also planted some plants to make the beach over the fence more stuffed.

They normally grow near beaches
Hopefully, it will work


We are hoping that our effort will give us the desired effect of protecting the White Dune. If the project turns out to be successful, the same will be done further down the coastline where the White Dune is seemingly endangered by the people.

More pictures

Even more pictures from the project’s official site – here.



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