First time kayaking

Hiking in Brasla nature trail? – check!

Kayaking the Brasla river? – check!

This time I was a part of another adventure organisation “Lūzumpunkts”. As I have mentioned before in the hiking blog post, I live really close to the river Brasla and so as it happens they were hosting a kayaking event. I immediately knew that I wanted to be a part of it and I applied.

Almost every Latvian would agree that the river Brasla is an absolutely perfect pick for a first time kayaking experience. The river flow is not too slow, not too fast. But what’s really the main focus – the cliffs and views.

If you ask me – I think I have a new passion, I loved it! Also, the group and leaders were nice. Even though at the beginning I was pretty terrible at it because we couldn’t row in a straight line (probably because of me), later on, I got a hang of it and I was much better at rowing. At least I didn’t take a swim during the event as four of the participants did (setting a new record of accidental swimmers in during the event according to the leaders). Also, worth mentioning – we were joined by two exchange students from the Czech Republic.

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Sausais treniņš.

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Look at that one who didn’t slide down, it was me


More pictures


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