Hiking alongside the Brasla river

Had an awesome time with yet another hiking group!
Beautiful river, cliffs and nomadic vibes.
Around 18km in total.

In the morning, right before the hiking, I was watching a video from National Geographic – The Story of Humankind and it really got me in the mood. I recommend it to anyone, it’s really interesting.

And again, I was hiking with the Trekking.lv group which was formed on Facebook. Both rivers – Amata and Brasla are a part of Gauja National Park which is the biggest national park in Latvia. Also, both rivers are tributaries of river Gauja.

Read about the Amata hike: here

The power of the internet – our group was as large as 45 participants.

I live really close to river Brasla but I somehow had never hiked that trail before. I was really surprised about how high the cliffs were and what a beautiful views it has.

Just at the beginning. Later on, our group were stretched around 1km, I would say.

When we reached the last cliff, we took a little break. The view was breathtaking and I tell you – I never imagined that the river which I thought is small and slow, had such a panorama’s. Our group’s main leader – Kristaps, rolled out his hammock, other guys took out their food and we had a truly idyllic time at that exact moment – here and now.


Also, we had a final destination which was the point where river Brasla flows into river Gauja. While I was hanging with three guys at some sort of a cave, all the other participants took a little easier route. When we finally moved on, we were all by ourselves and we took the hardest route which was right next to the river (full of brushwood, slippery because of snow and ice, and the land was not as even as it might be on the other route.
When we finally reached our final destination, the other part of the group was just leaving the place. From this point (shown in the picture below), we still had few kilometres left to do.

Brasla on the left; Gauja on the right.

By the way, the day turned upside down when we passed the last cliff – it started to snow. Eventually, snowing turned to blizzard.

On our way back it started to snow


More pictures



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