Nature seminar

This time we held our Wild Life Fund (Pasaules Dabas Fonds – WWF/PDF) meeting in a Latvian forest house called “Ķemeri – Forest house”. To be exact, the seminar was about volunteering movement improving in Latvia, Estonia and Finland. The participants came not only from these countries but we were also joined by a Hungarian exchange student and a French student from Homo Ecos project.


This time we did more talking and less physical working, which is the reason why I didn’t manage to take as good photos as I usually do. Our primary goal of the two-day-long seminar was to share our already acquired knowledge with our foreign colleagues. For me, the best part of this kind of events is not only the knowledge I gain but also the people I get to meet. New and interesting people from other countries. For the first time ever I talked with true French and Hungarian guys. It’s a wonderful experience, to be honest. Seems like a normal thing nowadays, right? But I haven’t travelled around that much so I appreciate every opportunity I have.

What we did

First day:

On the first day, we played an introduction game, which worked surprisingly well. Everyone opened up. The first day was dedicated to providing an overview of the problems and possible solutions. We split into groups and held conversations on the matter. We also switched groups because each group was dedicated to a slightly different subject. Only group leaders stayed so that they could continue to expand the subject with other people’s ideas.

We did a great job with the ideas and solutions. We had great, experienced professionals from organisations which also specialise in the voluntary work. At the same evening, we had to present what we had done and each subject was thoroughly discussed.

In the daytime, we also went to see the nature trail near the forest house. It was quite short (0,6 km) but still interesting. The beginning of the trail actually marked the beginning of an islet. The whole trail is on the islet which is separated by a small river-like formation and the forest smells a bit as if there was some sulphide in it (it does smell like rotten eggs a little bit). The forest is rich in deciduous trees and it’s well suited for observing all sorts of birds.

Second day:

The second day was more low key and we had some time to present our previous experience to others. When Epp proposed the idea, my heart started to rush as I thought: “this is my chance!” I’m not very good at giving presentations in English, but I got myself together and went over to my PC. Even though my presentation was cut short because we were running out if time, I think I did fairly well. All the presentations were entertaining. Especially the one given by Siim (Estonian) who showed us some stats from the research on his organisation “Estonian Fund for Nature” (Eestimaa Looduse Fond or ELF).


Thanks to Karolina for editing

All photos are taken by me


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